the centripetal force

Not to be confused with loguestbook lolitas sites. This article contains many unreferenced sections and needs additional for . Please help by adding citations to . Unsourced material may be and . (January 2011) cars are forced through a loop by the track applying a centripetal force on them.

A is applied to the track by the cars. Centripetal force (from centrum "center" and petere "to seek") is a force that makes a body follow a curved path: it is always directed to the of the body, toward the instantaneous of the path.
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In simple terms, centripetal force is defined as a force which keeps a body moving with a uniform speed along a circular path and is directed along the radius towards the centre.
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The mathematical description was derived in 1659 by Dutch physicist .
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's description was: "A centripetal force is that by which bodies are drawn or impelled, or in any way tend, towards a point as to a centre.
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" is the centripetal acceleration.
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The direction of the force is toward the center of the circle in which the object is moving, or the , the circle that best fits the local path of the object, if the path is not circular.
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peleas de prostitutas This force is also sometimes written in terms of the ω of the object about the center of the circle: A body experiencing requires a centripetal force, towards the axis as shown, to maintain its circular path.
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For a in around a , the centripetal force is supplied by gravity.
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Some sources, including , refer to the entire force as a centripetal force, even for eccentric orbits, for which gravity is not aligned with the direction to the center of curvature.
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benni hannas restaurant locator The gravitational force acts on each object toward the other, which is toward the of the two objects; for circular orbits, this center of gravity is the center of the circular orbits.

For non-circular orbits or trajectories, only the component of gravitational force directed orthogonal to the path (toward the center of the osculating circle) is termed centripetal; the remaining component acts to speed up or slow down the satellite in its orbit.

grandmas boy trailer For an object swinging around on the end of a rope in a horizontal plane, the centripetal force on the object is supplied by the tension of the rope.